Let the outing begin. Part I

In holding to our promise to bring the names of the more liberally minded posters at Huckleberries Online.  This is post one of three.  Call it a road map to HBO of sorts.
A special thanks goes out to our Berry Squishers for a job well done in helping to track down these names.  If you have any you’d like to add, feel free to drop us a line at chuckleberriesonline@gmail.com. Your contact information will remain anonymous.

Note: Any with question marks  mean there is some suspicion as to their identity.   Once they are confirmed 100% the question marks will be removed.  

  1. Phaedrus- Thom George
  2. Sisyphus- Daryl Davidson (www.43rdstateblues.com)
  3. Boadacia- Karen Roetter
  4. Otisgexperience- Ryan Brodwater
  5. Arsaken- Jennifer Drake
  6. RI- Matt Roetter?
  7. Phantom Photographer- Duane Rasmussen
  8. MikeK-Mike Kennedy
  9. Bubblehead- Joel Kennedy
  10. Cindy_H- Cindy Hval
  11. hhuseland- Herb Huseland
  12. Nic- Nicolas Casey
  13. JohnA- John Austin
  14. fortboise- Tom von Alten
  15. keithincda- Keith Allen (our source confused two names.  It’s fixed now.)
  16. florined- Florine Dooley
  17. ReaganRepub- Jeff Ward
  18. silbusky- Steve Sibulsky

Stay tuned tomorrow for part II.

Your friend Chester

If your name appears on the list and is in error, contact us and it will be promptly removed. 

One Response to Let the outing begin. Part I

  1. dinosaurman says:

    Interesting list. I was informed that DFO has posted this list on his blog. The sad part is I’ve been coolered numerous times, and now permanently banned from his site for much less.

    Now he’s letting commenters call me a white supremacist, and their comments still stand. (http://www.spokesman.com/blogs/hbo/2012/jul/24/chuckle-berries-begins-outings/#c485964). I’ve e-mailed him, and if it’s not removed, I guess I’ll have to talk to his superior. Sigh.

    I’d thought better of DFO than this, and thought we’d moved on past our differences. Now I see he was just looking for any excuse to flush me out of his kingdom.

    Keep up the great work Chuckle Berries! Oh and please start posting more.

    Justin ‘Dinosaurman’ Cottrell (who is not a racist, or white supremacist)

    [Rule number one at HBO, Dave is the old cranky man on the hill. All other rules he makes up as he goes and breaks when he sees fit. Your run at HBO was a good one Justin, but you’re not the first conservative he’s run off.]

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