Liberal Logic- Lesson 1

In an ongoing series we’ve decided to tackle the broad, ever expanding subject of liberal logic.  While they give more than enough material to fill several posts each day, lets start off with giving just one example per week.  This week’s lesson will be on property rights.

During the attempted recall effort in C’dA, the liberals in their daily drool fest at that other site (Hypocritical Bloggers Online), loved to label the recallers as the “Get off my yard” crowd.  This was an attempt to paint the recall crowd as a grouchy group of aged individuals, sour because progressive change was coming to their town.  Now there is more than one liberal logic topic to be found in this labeling, but those will be saved for another day.

Fast forward to late June when citizens of rural Kootenai County listened to the County Commissioner’s henchman (Tom”I’m a laywer!’ Messinger  ) explain how they should be happy about losing their property rights and the thought of more money robbed from their pockets.  The very next day HBO’s blogmeister DooFo posted a few photos of the event along with his support of the proposed land use codes (because he trusts Dan Ga-reen.  HA!).  Most of his mouth-breathing team fell right behind him (there were a few shining examples that stood their ground).  Now in the spirit of assigning titles as they did for the recallers,  we’e decided to label them the “Not in my backyard” crowd. ‘Cause…snort…they’re afraid of pig-farms, NASCAR tracks, and…snort…NASA launch facilities in their backyards…HAHAHAHAHA.

Now this example of liberal logic appears as a two way path, but in reality is just one broad dimly lit one that leads to some socialistic utopia (queue Bob Marley tune) .  First this crowd has listened to far to much of the Communist Woodie Guthrie, and have adopted the “this land is your land, this land is my land” viewpoint.  They think no one owns property, but instead we all share it like hippies lost in time living in a mountaintop commune.  The second part of this flawed logic is the idea that people aren’t free to do what as they please on their own property…unless they get their neighbor’s approval…and pay the governing authorities more money.  DooFo and the rest of the ‘Not in My Backyard’ crowd wish to control the property rights of rural residents, because they feel they have some say in the matter, despite not having an ounce of financial stake on other’s property. Again back to the idea that nobody has property rights, because no one owns property.

So the lesson to be learned from today’s liberal logic is the socialists of Kootenai County, most of which are urbanites, think no one owns the land therefore there must be stiff laws put in place to prevent the rightful land owners from having property rights.  Of course as typical liberals their alligator mouths can’t back up their hummingbird buttocks, because we all know if there more restrictions on their city lots dictating what they could or couldn’t do coupled with more money out of their stingy pockets, they’d go berserk. The courts have ruled time and again that regulatory restrictions on land use is a form of a “taking” and is unconstitutional unless the land owner is compensated for this “taking”.

Remember folks, the proposed land use changes are yet another step on the road that leads to pure socialism.  First they strip you of your property rights, even though you pay for your land.  Next it’ll be the state taking the land from you entirely, then forcing you to work the land to feed the community…and that folks is what these ingrates want.

Stay tuned for next weeks edition of Liberal Logic.

Chester the Jester


Photo: Submitted by the Phantom Photoshopper (A berry good Berry Squisher!)

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