Lincoln Day Wrap Up – And A Good Time Was Had By All…

…Well, most anyway.  The Real Republicans had a blast!


Lot’s of folks were very happy to see Phil Hart in attendance and sitting with his good friends, John and Elizabeth Green.  Phil had a rousing welcome from many folks who came up to thank him for his hard work toward freedom, liberty and justice in America.  Our prediction is that one day, Phil will be recognized for the Hero that he is and we know him to be!

So then…we don’t want to rain on any parades…yet…so here’s the Good Stuff!

Hat’s off to Drs. Lorna and Paul Finman for another fab reception for the Gold Sponsors.  Great nosh and drinks with lots of hearty conservative conversations floating around the room…next year all you cheap skates…pony up a little bit o’ Green and join the party like the rest of the Real Republicans who were in attendance…(We can’t forget to mention and thank Cracker Jack Violinist Cathyanne Nonini for her performance, support and for dragging “Mr. Conservative” Senator Bob Nonini along to the party…come on Bob admit it…you wanted to stay in Boise over the weeked and sharpen some arrows…didn’t you????!!!)

Speaking of Real Republicans and Green…We noticed that Brent Regan and John and Elizabeth Green were the only non-candidate/company sponsors in the Gold Seating!!!! Thanks Brent and Elizabeth (John was her driver, we’re told…but…is Green 2016 brewing????)

Last of the support kudos to Ron Mendive…our best Freshman legislator and the only Real Republican who ponied up the cash to support the Party!  Way to go Ron! (The “other guy” is a mere pretender and we’ll be starting our expose on the “Little Hatchet Man” soon…stay tuned!)

And finally, everybody’s favorite Congressman, Raul Labrador was greeted with hardy cheers for his brief, but inspiring comments!  Way to go Raul…you’re a Class Act, by anyone’s definition! (And thanks for standing with Rand Paul!  We won’t forget who really cares about the Liberty and Safety of Idahoan’s!)

There are just too many people to list who helped make the Lincoln Day Dinner a success…you are all a great credit to our Conservative Kootenai County Republican Party…our hats are off to you all but especially Angela, Lorri, Tina, Ruthie, John, Doug, Dirk, Neil, Phil, Bjorn, Larry, Barbara, Matt, Sheila and…of course…Bob!

P.S. Did anybody see Doo-ane???? Not that we missed him, … just curious!

P.S.S. Wow…Uncle Jeff was there…we even saw him smile a time or two despite looking a little deflated…too bad, so sad as they say…Tina pulled it off last year and Neil this year (both with lots of help of course)…maybe you should just become a Conservative…we’d pay to see that!

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