More Insult to Injury


Well folks here you have it, yet another insult to the fine citizens of Coeur d’Alene…as if things couldn’t get worse. After approving the controversial anti-gay bias, much to the chagrin of the citizens, and on top of building Little Disneyland…err I mean McRuin Park, they’ve added the icing on the cake.  No it’s not a life size yard gnome that looks like Mike Kennedy, it’s a grand entrance entitled ‘Under the Rainbow’. Now citizens will have a constant reminder of how the rainbow cult was forced upon this once fine town. This is no mere coincidence.

Our only question, is this where the gay pride parade the City Council desires is to start or finish?  Maybe Mike Kennedy can wear a rainbow colored unicorn outfit on opening day…it’d be a disgusting, yet fitting touch. No Mike that’s not an open invitation, put the outfit back in the closet…

Folks it’s high time for a conservative, fiscally responsible city council and mayor in town…and them candidates from liberal Balance North Idaho and Reagan ‘Tax Lien’ Republicans ain’t gonna do.

Chester ‘Utterly Disgusted’ The Jester

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  1. Randy_Myers says:

    I’m not a fan of the design but am smart enough to know it isn’t a gay thing.

    Muttonhead to you Chester

    Note From Chester: Huh? Sorry you lost us on that one Randy! It’s so gay we can’t believe you can’t see it!

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