Oh No! Here We Go Again…

Otter or Bujack? Who’s the Real Conservative???? Are we really that insane?

With the Supreme Court refusing to hear the “Gay Marriage” issue, we’ve been delivered from the last reason to vote for Otter…

He doesn’t have to abandon us on this issue (which he would have) SCOTUS did it for him!

Bujack can’t win? Oh yes he can…if Conservatives vote for him! Are we in for another 4 years of the Red Leg/Blue Leg Pyramid Game?

We’ll know in a few weeks…..Heaven help us because we’re obviously incapable of helping ourselves!


One Response to Oh No! Here We Go Again…

  1. summer says:

    I kind of like Bujack. But he has those legal issues so that makes me hesitant to vote for him. Not voting for Aj or Otter.

    Note From Chester: What legal issues? We think it’s quite telling that all the “charges” hurled against Mr.Bujack resulted in “NOT GUILTY”‘s! What is the Otter Machine afraid of?????

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