Phil Hart – Hero, Randy Meyers – Zero…

phartsmallA journalist, a journalist, our kingdom for a journalist!  Is there a “newsman” around who is emotionally or intellectually capable of reporting a single fact about the real Phil Hart story????

Bottom line is this, Phil Hart is a hero who deserves respect and admiration from every citizen of Idaho.  He had the honesty, integrity and guts to expose the truth about the “Income Tax” As a result, he has suffered the, almost daily, lynching of the media, the legal system, and the Liberal Muttonheads like Randy Meyers!

Here are the facts Meyers:

  1. Phil Hart detailed the complete history of the “Income Tax” in “Constitutional Income, Do You Have Any?” His scholarly tome has no equal with regard to the historical facts it details, which are only a fraction of the information Hart discovered in his painstaking research into the subject.
  2. Phil Hart owes the IRS NOTHING! There has never been a lawful assessment against him and he has been constantly and consistently denied the benefits of the “tax law” that every other  “taxpayer” is allowed to avail themselves of.
  3. Phil Hart is entitled to a fair hearing by an impartial tribunal. Something which he has been thus far denied, and that’s a fact!
  4. Randy Meyers and his ilk, see comments below, have never even read Harts book…Oh, we forgot…Liberals and Muttonheads can’t read…or is it won’t read Randy? You’re such a hypocrite!  Read Hart’s book, tell him why he’s wrong about his conclusions…and then feel free to call him names. Otherwise, crawl back under your Liberal rock and stop assaulting humanity with your inane ranting!

Hey, C’dA Press, how about the truth for a change?  Do you take your marching orders from Betsy Russell when it comes to reporting about Phil Hart???? Is there a single honest “journalist” on your staff that has the intelligence and stamina to read Phil Hart’s book and write an objective review or story???? No???? We didn’t think so! (If you’d like to make an attempt at objectivity, we’ll be happy to buy you a copy of the book.)

So, here’s Muttonhead Meyers latest comment that set us off on this tear:



At least we can’t accuse Randy of being a coward…he used his real name, as for the other lying cowards that spew hate about Phil Hart…at least Randy has a rock to crawl back under…you need to crawl back under the pile of ….well never mind, people know what we mean.

Justice??? For Liberal Vermin that means JUST-US!

2 Responses to Phil Hart – Hero, Randy Meyers – Zero…

  1. Justin Cottrell says:

    I wish more media had the guts to speak out and tell the truth about Phil Hart. Thanks Chuckleberries for challenging the bash-Phil Hart crowd to read his book, and attempt to refute his fine research.

  2. Randy_Myers says:

    I get props for using my real name…..along with being name called from….someone anonymous! Too funny.

    regarding Hart…I don’t need to read his book to know he stole timber and tried to get away without paying taxes based on his interpretation of the Constitution. he’s a hero to the fringe set that likes to say we need no government but readily uses government supplied resources.

    Comment From Chester: Now, now, Randy tone down the Liberal Hyperbole a bit, wont’ you. Sorry to tell you, but the law allowed for Phil to harvest the timber he took, so you lose that one. As far has his book goes, no interpretation done by Phil there, it’s a history book, plain and simple and if you’d take the time to read it, you might learn something about why all the “fringe” correctly call the government shills who work for the IRS, thieves! The bottom line is, you are too liberal and lazy to read his book and heal your ignorance about what the law really says regarding the so called “Income Tax”.

    As for the “Name Calling”, guilty…we’re anonymous and you’re still a Muttonhead! (We’re just so childish, ain’t we???!!!)

    Love, Chester

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