Phil Hart…The Battle Continues…

…We like Phil Hart! He’s an honest man and is the hardest working, most conservative member of the Idaho Legislature…lies abound when the blog fur starts flying…Liberals, RINO’s and their ilk hate him…someday the whole story will be known and people will be embarrassed at how they misjudged and maligned Phil Hart…

In the mean time…here is Phil’s comment on the latest…(from his website)



DATE/TIME: Thursday, April 26, 2012 4:00PM CST

RE: Idaho Supreme Court Decision in Hart v. Commissioner


We are disappointed in today’s decision by the Idaho Supreme Court in the Matter of Philip L. Hart vs. Idaho State Tax Commission and Idaho Board of Tax Appeals. It is but another phase of my quest for justice.  I continue to believe that the most important question is “Does Phil Hart owe any tax to the State of Idaho?”

My answer to that question is an emphatic – No, I do not owe the State of Idaho any tax.  In its opinion, the court stated “In this instance, Hart is just a taxpayer, with no greater privilege than his constituents.”   I agree, I have no greater privilege when it comes to the amount of tax that I owe, and I am therefore, entitled to be treated with the same fairness and equal protection of the law that all other taxpayers enjoy.

With regard to the purported “unpaid” taxes, 100 percent of the remaining balance of $42,000 is based entirely on having been illegally deprived of 8 years of business deductions. The IRS has deprived me of those deductions, because I would not turn over, to the government, the names of people who had bought my book “Constitutional Income.”

The bottom line is that I have paid more than the amount that I legally owe in tax. But for the IRS illegally denying my deductions and submitting fraudulent “income” information to the State of Idaho, we would not be discussing this matter today. Furthermore, the waste of my time and the waste of the resources expended by the Idaho Tax Commission would have been fully avoided.

In justice and equity, I am entitled to pay no more, nor less, for my tax liability than the law requires.

I seek only that which every law-abiding citizen of the State of Idaho would expect. I seek the law to be fully and fairly applied to my case. I expect that the State of Idaho recognize the lawful deductions to which I am justly entitled.

I thank my constituents for their support and patience as I continue to fight for justice in this case.

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  1. veritas1571 says:

    What’s up with Vito and Vick? Why are they keeping distant from Phil Hart? You guys better get onboard and help the guy that got you where you are now. If you are the christians you claim to be you will embrace Phil, even if the liberals think he is a leper!

    Step up or step off – you are either a conservative or not!

  2. libertyamericus says:

    Phil Hart is a Warrior for the Conservatives. He never looks over his shoulder to worry about what people will say, he just keeps stepping up and fighting for our rights and liberties. May we all appreciate the sacrifices that are involved in such an unselfish quest for liberty and justice for all!

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