Pot, Meet Kettle!…Stewie Ain’t No Steward!…


As you might imagine, the hypocrisy meter is off the charts!

David, Stewie, Stewart, threw the first stone, of course…

Bleating about Chris Fillios’ “ethical lapses”, because Chris gets a, quite reasonable, reimbursement for some of his expenses.

Well, Stewie “The Pot” Stewart, meet Mr. Kettle….

Attached for your reading enjoyment is the milage reimbursement from our “public servant” Stewie, wherein he got paid by the tax payers for (among other things) attending Republican political meetings like Lincoln Day and Pachyderm Club meetings. We love Lincoln Day and Pachyderm Clubs, but IT’S NOT THE TAXPAYERS RESPONSIBILITY TO PAY FOR YOU TO GET THERE STEWIE!


How about a nice apology for Mr. Fillios and then RESIGN!

We have to wonder, Stewie, if the real reason that you are so desperate to hold on to your position is because you are broke and desperately need the money? Why else would you bill the taxpayers for a half a mile of travel? 

A half a mile????? Are you serious?????

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Hey Stewie, jokes on you…cause we ain’t laughing!



2 Responses to Pot, Meet Kettle!…Stewie Ain’t No Steward!…

  1. An American says:

    Wow what a mileage report it looks like in 2015 about twenty entries for less then a mile for what roughly $8 then he takes issue with Chris Fillios – people in glass houses I guess. It makes sense for a meeting with Greg Delavan at the Airport but another ten entries for different times meeting at restaurants with Sheriff Administration in 2015 is unreal they all have offices. I imagine the public paid for the meals also.

  2. Aliceinthelookinglass says:

    Incredible mileage report. My odometer in my vehicle only registers to tenths of a mile. His must register two decimal points.

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