Public Notice To 1st Amendment Haters!…


Apparently, “Somebody” doesn’t like our Stewie expose!

Apparently, “Somebody” thinks they can threaten people we like, to intimidate us into taking down our expose!

Apparently, “Somebody” doesn’t know that threats make us very prideful and determined in our efforts to expose Truth, Justice and The American Way! (Yes, we know Pride is a sin…but we’re not talking about that kind of Pride!)

Apparently, “Somebody” doesn’t realize that we always post TRUTH, sometimes mixed with HUMOR! (sophomoric as that humor may be)

Apparently, “Somebody” doesn’t realize that when we’re wrong we apologize, but we ain’t wrong on this! (Public records are public records and we’re going to let them see some light of day, got it “Somebody”!?)

Apparently, “Somebody” doesn’t know that WE NEVER BACK DOWN!

Apparently, “Somebody” has decided that the truth hurts their political prospects!

Apparently, “Somebody” doesn’t realize that we’re just getting started!

Apparently, we should apologize to the chubby little “Apparently Kid”!

So, to the “Somebody” who threatened a good man if we didn’t take down the Stewie post….



(P.S. Part II “The Empire Strikes Back” posts next Monday!)

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