Republicans 1…Otter-bots 0…..It’s history folks!

charging elephantThe rumble on the Palouse is done!  Long live Liberty!

The 2014 Idaho Republican Party  State Convention is history folks…and what an historic event it was!

The Winners:

Barry Peterson – The cheaters and bullies couldn’t pull it off…Barry Peterson State GOP Chair for 2 more years!!!! Congratulations Barry!

Raul Labrador – Always a class act…kept the Mongol Hordes at bay with the help of his two Cracker Jack Parlimentarians…”The Convention is Adjourned”…take that Otter-bots!

Russ Fulcher – Next time they won’t cheat him out of a seat at the table!  2018 is not that far away Russ…Keep on truckin!!!!!

State Senator Bob Nonini – Impeccable timing Bob…thanks for getting us home in time for Father’s Day!

Kootenai County Delegation – Neil  Oliver and his crew did a fine job of showing just what Unity is all about. They followed the rules and took a great team to Moscow! Whoot Whoot…way to go Neil!

RLC – and Karen Calesterio of course…the tide has turned….Liberty minded Republicans Rule! They also had a great convention and organized to thwart the  cheaters throughout the Moscow convention.

The Losers:

Butch Otter – Git along little doggie and be gone! Time to ride off into the sunset Butch…or, change your stripes and bring back the old “Liberty Lovin” Butch, before it’s too late!

State Senator Jeff Siddoway – Take God out of the Party Platform???? What have you been smoking Jeff…glad to see it took the committee about 2 seconds to smack you down!

Ada County Delegation – Next time…follow the rules!

Alfred E. Newman – Cause we confused him with Brad Little (keep reading…chuckle to follow) 

Great quotes we’ve read about the convention:

As the so called ‘centrist’ Republicans decry the ‘gridlock’ at the recent state convention (purportedly caused by the deep divide within the Idaho State Republican Party), taxpayers should be rejoicing that finally top down policy is no longer the norm in the Idaho Republican Party.”   State Rep Vito Barbieri

“We have rules for a reason. This year they were enforced. Now the Establishment is crying foul, just like former Rep. Ed Morse running to the IRS because voters in his district fired him after one term. The sandbox has rules. Either abide by them or you don’t get to play.”  Ken De Vries – Delegate and Credentials Committee Member

“It was the Ultimate Cheater Smack Down!” John Green – Delegate and Convention Sergeant at Arms

“Dirty laundry = dirty politics. It is our job to keep hanging it out on the line.”
 Abbi Soneson – Delegate and Credentials Committee Member

“The Credentials Committee heard the testimony and determined that the Bannock County delegation was NOT duly elected. Don’t blame your failures on others. Do it right and there will be no problems.” Brent Regan- Delegate and Credentials Committee Member 

“With a total of 44 counties in Idaho, how is it that 41 were able to comply with the rules and 3 somehow couldn’t figure it out? Don Gary – Lawyer with unique ability to communicate to us mere mortal not lawyers

“What, me worry?” Butch Otter….Ha just kidding that was Alfred E. Newman…or was it Brad Little?

And the best one of all….

“I move to adjourn!” State Senator Bob Nonini – Delegate


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  1. kmorris says:

    Isn’t it ironic that the very people who set out to RHINO-fy the Idaho Republican Party (platform, chairmanship, etc) ended up losing everything on account of the fact that they would rather hold up an entire convention than follow the rules. They have nobody else to blame but themselves for getting nothing of what they wanted. And what they wanted was to make our party less conservative.

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