Scam Slam!…They Be Busted!…

Wow…this just in from a Chuckle Fan:

We need time to digest the significance of this…more later!

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  1. Catching_Fire says:

    I heard that they dropped a larger mailer today. Funny how they did it today! What will happen now?

  2. Catching_Fire says:

    Can the mailer they sent out today somehow be stopped tonight at the post office?

  3. smartvote says:

    Lahr calling it a “nuisance ” lawsuit .. we really need the real “nuisance” team of Lahr/Ward/Tyler to go bye – bye ……

  4. rocketman says:

    You have got to be kidding, loosy goosy with campaign stuff, yea can see how minor issues could have been over looked Using anothers name, thats priceless and not very smart. Their supported candidates look like nimrods. Barry Mchugh needs to look into this.

    (Note from Chester: These guy “endorsed” Barry McHugh. Didn’t he look into this group who’s “endorsement” he was courting? Come on Barry, what kind of lawyer are you? The fact that they did not even file as a Political Committee tells an awful lot. They could care less about the law. Their game seemed to be to help Strategery clients, plain and simple!)

  5. dinosaurman says:

    This. Is. Huge.

    I guarantee Jeff, Ron, and their hay-seed lawyer are burning midnight oil right now, trying to figure out exactly how to save their sinking ship. The faster they bail, the more water they let in. Foolish guys. They remind me of the Three Stooges, only worse.

  6. rocketman says:

    Hey Ron and Jeff, I checked on the Secretary of States web site, the name Nixon republicans is still available, you might want to scoop it up.

    (Note from Chester: WaaaaaaHaaaaaa!)

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