Sniff, Sniff…we smell a scandal brewing!

Listen up Chuckle Club, this just in….

Our crack investigative team (amazing what you can find with a google search) has just informed us of a potential scandal brewing with our “friends” over at The Reagan Republicans… based on their rather curious relationship with Strategery. (Owned by Uncle Jeff, Ron Liar and others)

It appears that they might be playing a little fast and loose with the statutes, rules, regulations and other provisions of law (including the Internal Revenue Code) that regulate conduct pertaining to political activities and campaigns.

Some preliminary questions come to mind…such as… Just which candidates have paid Strategery for campaign guidance? How many Strategery clients hired them and then received an endorsement from Reagan Republicans? Who applied for the Reagan Republicans tax-exempt status? Why are Reagan Republicans members jumping ship? Why did Todd Tondee get the endorsement of Reagan Republican’s over Marc Eberlein? Why did Reagan Republicans change their by-laws the same time as Strategery was created? How is it that the Jelly Bean Ball’s purpose was to raise money for “Republican” candidates when that purpose would not be permissible according to Reagan Republicans tax-exempt status? Why hasn’t Reagan Republicans filed any Sunshine Reports as a Political Committee? Who paid for the mail campaign that was processed at Coeur d’Alene Honda last night? What, exactly is the definition of “Strategery”? (Sounds kind of slick and weasely…don’t it!?) Did Strategery orchestrate the un-invite Sheriff Mack coup? Who told Uncle Jeff that Sheriff Mack was going to endorse John Green? Were any Reagan Republican funds spent in the Sack Mack effort?

If what we think has been going on, has indeed been going on, Uncle Jeff has (in the words of Ricky Ricardo)…some splainin’ to do!

Conspiring minds want to know!!!!!

P.S. You know how we like to laugh, but this is no laughing matter!  They can run…but they can’t hide.

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