Souza More Ethical Than Most Lawyers…

screen-capture…Because lawyers have an ethical duty to avoid even the appearance of impropriety! How often do they honor that duty?  Some liberal folks didn’t think a $1,000 donation looked right, so Mary did the right thing and gave it back…end of story! Which is exactly why Souza would make a great Mayor of C’dA – she’ll always do the right thing!

Let the Sunshine in Mary…Now let’s get on with it…the election that is!

True to form, the C’dA Waste of Press expends way too much ink and pixels on this drivel…have you no shame Press?

A journalist, a journalist…my kingdom for a journalist!

2 Responses to Souza More Ethical Than Most Lawyers…

  1. Contrarian says:

    You must like Shakespeare Chester.

    Did Randy Meyers ever accept your counter bet on whether Mary Souza would be elected Mayor?

    Wish you would post more often!

    Note From Chester: Not yet Contrarian, but we didn’t expect him to. So how about it Randy, you gonna accept our counter bet?

  2. kmorris says:

    I think that we need to accept the sad and unfortunate reality that the CDA Press is taking its orders from the Hegadone empire. Hegadone benefits from public projects—those projects are funded by a vibrant LCDC; the candidates supporting this incestuous cabal are getting favorable press. Despite MASSIVE improprieties: e.g. 1. RangeNW profiting from a video promoting LCDC and now supporting those candidates, 2. Steve Widmyer being on the board of BNI and BNI providing a press release to the CDA Press that fails to mention this INCREDIBLY obvious fact, 3. Widmyer being the former controller for the Hegadone corp which owns the CDA Press, 4. the fact that BNI is promoting these candidates with a school directory which was created by tax dollars–possibly in violation of the law, and 5. the fact that despite all of these SCANDALS, the CDA Press goes after Mary for returning a donation that was completely legal. I think it’s time that we redirect our attention from this election and start to think about how we can expose Pravda… eh em … I’m sorry, did I say Pravda. I mean the CDA Press.

    Note from Chester: Good points Jeremy! Fortunately, most good Kootenai County folks see right through the C’dA Waste of Press. BTW, Pravda has much more unbiased news then the schlock they print locally.

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