Speaking of Jorgenson…

…did anyone catch his Facbook comment…

“I’m happy to announce that Mark Fisher and Ed Morse are joining me in a coalition of independent, intelligent conservatives running in the Republican primary. Hit ‘like’ if you think we need better ideas coming out of Boise.” – Mike Jorgenson



Conservative? Not a chance!

This “coalition” of independents, not Republicans, are trying to oust the team of Hart, Barbieri and Vick who are at the Top o’ The Charts in Conservative standards according to the Idaho Freedom Foundation! Get your copy here: http://accountableidaho.com/index.php/gate_register/114/  (donate a couple of bucks if you can!)

Nice try Jorg’ee…now go back to the Martini Bar! (and take your Hart hating Bobbsey Twins with you!)

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