The Business of Inmate Housing – A Capitalist Dream…

…This from an out of state news source to the west:

“Idaho County Looks At Leasing Private Jail”


Hey, squeeze in, we got rent to pay, right Ben?

That “Idaho County” would be us folks!  Why are we hearing about this from sources other than the C’dA Press first????

Full Story Here: and here:

But the real question is...What have the Board of Commissioners and Ben Wolfinger been smoking?????

Rent a private jail? Could there be a more expensive way to go? Doubtful!  That’s without even discussing whether we need a new jail in Kootenai County!

Truck on down to your local “Rent-A-Center” and lease you one of them nice big screen TV’s!  You’ll pay about 4 times, or more, what you could buy it for at Best Buy.

Genius, sheer genius!  Somebody’s gonna make a pile of cash, and we can guarantee you it won’t be the citizens of Kootenai County!

According to a SR story:

“The public-private partnership follows years of efforts to build a new jail capable of housing Kootenai County prisoners.”

Oh, yeah, the public gets the bill the private partner gets the cash…are we that stupid?  If we let this happen, we are.

And then there was this gem in the same SR report:

“Voters in the past have rejected three bond measures to finance a new jail.”

Well, what part of NO don’t you understand Dan, Todd, Jai and Ben???? We said no new jail by our no vote on the bond and you think you can cram this down our throats with a “lease”?!



Let’s just say they get their new jail built…do you really think they won’t be trying their darndest to fill it up? And just who do you think will be the likely guests?

Hmmmm…our guess? Got a son who is between 18 and 35???  Might want to think about having him relocate!!!!  We’re just saying…. (Hey, there’s a song there we think….Do, do, do, do…That’s the sound of your son…working on the chain gaaa..aa..ang!)

P.S. During the Sheriff’s campaign John Green warned the citizens of Kootenai County about this plan.  Heck, even Keith Hutchison knew we didn’t need a new jail.

Stay tuned…more to come…we ain’t taking this one lying down!


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