stewiejoust…The British (Petroleum) Empire that is!

When we last left Little Stewie, he was hurdling through time and space, down the jousting track, pole firmly under arm, poised to strike a fatal blow to the Dragon he was doing battle with, none other than the dreaded… British Petroleum! (aka Castrol if you’re paying attention and reading the documents)


Stewie sues!

Then, in an instant…


The Empire bites back!

Download Document Here: BackAtYouStewie

Ooops…. Stewie forgot to mention a few things…

The stuff in BP’s COUNTERCLAIMS, which are important, you see, because it seems that BP loaned Stewie some money and property…. (See Claims Related to Contract Breach on page 4)

…and, Stewie “defaulted under the terms of each Loan Agreement”…and “failed to make [his] minimum purchase requirements.” (That doesn’t sound too good!)…

…and [he] “failed to pay any of the amounts owed to” BP under the Loan Agreements” (That doesn’t sound too good!)

…and [he] used the PB product name “Castrol” to “suggest to the public that [he] sells only Castrol branded products (when it does not)” (Uh Oh!)

…and, says BP, “In short, consumers are left to reasonably believe that they are buying Castrol branded products, when in fact they are not.”…(If true, does that sound like something an experienced International Oil Businessman would do??????]

There’s more folks…the document is only 11 pages long, but is a fascinating read! If you want to get a sense of how BP says Stewie rolls as a businessman, read the whole document. [Of course, when we refer to “he” we really mean Stewie, or more specifically, his company Pro-Formance”…

Stewie is on the mat…the crowd cheers…the Emperor sneers…will it be…..thumbs up…or……thumbs down?

Stay tuned Chuckleheads; the best is yet to come!

Part III “Wholly Smack Down Batman!” Posts Wednesday


  1. An American says:

    Maybe Stewie stayed at a Holliday Inn Express?

    [Note from Chester: Huh?]

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