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The end of the HBO outing, part III | Chuckle Berries Online

The end of the HBO outing, part III

All good things must come to an end…even outing lists for HBO.  Therefore, this is our last installment of the road map to liberal people that post on HBO. While some of these names might be known to the other HBO posters, newbies might find the bread crumb trail useful.  And as always, remember a question mark means our sources aren’t 100% positive.
As always enjoy…we did!

  1. Duroc/Moscow Minidoka- Aaron Schab (Lecturer at U of I)
  2. Joker- Aaron Schab (Aaron teaches literature.  Remember Joker’s stories???)
  3. Green Libertarian- Charles ‘Chuck’ Tingstad
  4. archdruid- Joan Harman
  5. JeanC- Bonnie Jean Crawford Evans
  6. JBelle- Joanna Belle Schmitz
  7. Wes- Wes Albert
  8. Eagleeye- Steve Widmyer
  9. JimmyMAC- Jimmy McAndrew
  10. CollingwoodCDA- Ryan Collingwood
  11. jmrusche- John Rusche
  12. paineite- Kenneth Burchell
  13. TALKJOC- Dick Haugen
  14. DCR- Don Robertson

Special thanks to those that made this list possible.  Our sources tell us they are very close to confirming the identities of the following posters: Dennis, CDAHumanist, Anarky, Misjustice, Mr. D, Mary1958, The Anti_Caver, Mention, and JamesBond.  If they are successful a future outing list will be posted…until then on to other things!

We’ll  happily correct any errors in our “outing”… just send us some evidence we’re wrong and we’ll correct your identity!  

(Phaedrus: Spewing venom at us via e-mail is not sufficient proof…the gig’s up, we all know who you are. Besides you’ve confessed your identity on public forums how many times now?)

Stay tuned for a description from our Berry Squisher on how they came by the list…and no it wasn’t by illegal means.

Chester the Jester

NOTE TO DOOFO’S CROWD: You know this list is 100% correct.  If not prove it.  

5 Responses to The end of the HBO outing, part III

  1. The line in the sand... says:

    Duroc – lecturer at U of I ? – let’s hope he isn’t on the blogs at taxpayer expense or on University computers.

    (Note from Chester: – You’d be surprised how many web hits we get everyday at Chuckle Berries from the University of Idaho, City of Coeur d’Alene, US House of Representatives, Kootenai County, Idaho Attorney General’s office, and the University of Montana…it’s a daily occurance.)

  2. spot on says:

    I think it most amazing how many bloggers on HBO have multiple “personalities.” Out one side of the mouth they preach respect, out the other they call for uncivil disobedience bordering on felony.

    Considering how many of DFO’s regulars all seem to have several pen names, it begs several questions:

    1. How many people (individuals) really post on HBO?
    2. How many more of DFO’s regulars have even more aliases that are unaccounted for?
    3. Considering that DFO is already one of the most prolific posters on his own blog–got to wonder how many names he writes under in order to hide his “other” side?

    And then–

    4. The biggie–How much advertising revenue has been earned based on false numbers of “followers” provided by HBO/SR to potential advertisers?

    Not unlike Napoleon, Dave is a little man with big problems. The review (and especially DFO) consistently use wholesale numbers to generate income based on popularity (hits) and those same numbers to determine the price of an ad on HBO–and the rest of the Review.

    Now we know that his, and the Spokesman-Reveiw, numbers are all a ruse. I would guess that they have counted “votes” (bloggers, visits, etc.) to pump the price of ad $ because they have allowed individuals to post under numerous names over and over again.

    Lastly, I think it a crime that so many HBO bloggers post while on the job with the numerous government agencies that Chester noted (if that statement is as is sounds). In my mind, using taxpayer equipment and/or taxpayer time to spout personal opinions on a for-profit blog should be grounds for immediate termination; it is theft.

    Carry-on Chuckleberries.

    Your ultra-liberal; Spot On

    (Note from Chester: Say it ain’t so…DooFo has found a way to manipulate the system to add jingle to his pocket and the SR? Well that’s about the gist of it. We’ve also wondered how many profiles DooFo has. Maybe for a future post we’ll post the IP addresses that come from government computers during business hours…getting paid to stir the pot is what they love!)

  3. rocketman says:

    Why are all these out of towners like Duroc, Sisyphus, and Green slimaterian commenting and worrying about what goes on here?

    (Note from Chester: Great question! It is rather odd that a lecturer from Moscow, a computer guru from Idaho Falls, and a guy in Spokane think they have a voice in Kootenai county. Sounds like they’re working hard to turn this land blue…political operatives maybe?)

  4. Justin Cottrell says:

    Something comical about DFO’s charade happened when I dropped my pseudonym. I posted under both names on the same day. DFO sends me an email that people are complaining that I’m posting under two names. First how’d they know the connection? Because DFO told them (thanks for outing me Dave). Second, it’s okay for them to post under numerous names? What a hideous group of losers.

    Scared little pansies, afraid to post under their real name. I’ll bet someone they’ve libeled and smeared will be thankful to learn their identities. Thanks Chester.

    (Note from Chester: Remember with liberals, they never want an even playing field. Speaking of, does anyone else get the feeling DooFo knows the gig is up? That’s okay, his minions will continue to lie…even though they know the list is pretty accurate…)

  5. rocketman says:

    Chesty: I have a friend who has retained council regarding a slander/reputation issue with three of our recently outed HBO posters. Let me know if anyone else is looking for a good attorney. Or have them contact me. This guy can bring it.

    (Note from Chester: Thanks rocketman! Ok, folks, here is your chance to get on the litigation train! We hope Phil Hart get’s on board he’s got more claims for defamation against these pin heads than anyone else…he’s also turned the other cheek so much it’s bloody! Hey DFO – you should take a lesson from Phil on what it means to be a Christian!)

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