The Fat Lady Sings…For Stewie!

chateauStewieAnd about darn time! Thanks C’dA Press for finally doing your job!

Enough is enough! Time for Stewie to RESIGN!

You’re better Than Us????

We have to pay our taxes but you don’t???

You game the system “Commissioner”… you get OUT!!!

Can you spell H-Y-P-O-C-R-I-T-E!


One Response to The Fat Lady Sings…For Stewie!

  1. Idaholiving says:

    Where’s Stewie’s expensive little white sports car? Looks like he’s running a used car business off his self-proclaimed multi-million dollar property.

    So, he thinks because he cheated on his property taxes the county owes him money? Would someone please explain this insane rational to me. When one does not apply for the homeowner’s exemption, one does not get to apply for it ten years later seeking compensation for one’s tax cheating tactics.

    I wonder how Stewie would look in an orange jumpsuit. It is time for his resignation.

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