The insane are embracing each other…

…over at HBO…or so we’ve heard!

We here at CBO have a different Motto… “Embrace Liberty!”

Can’t you just feel the fear simmering under DFO’s band of anonymous cowards (there’s about 10 of them blogging under different names) as he cheers on their feeble attempts at humor? They are, perhaps, a bit worried that Donald Gary and John Green (and the rest of the great Conservative candidates) might win and that would mark the end of their libelous reign of terror! (Now that’s an INSANELY great thought!)

Maybe DFO isn’t just a Coward Monger…maybe he’s “Chief of the Asylum”!? (PARODY WARNING …We’re kidding of course…we have no knowledge of any mental defect suffered by DFO…except that he’s a Liberal masquerading as a journalist…but wait, would that be redundant?)

Stay tuned Chuckle Club… things are getting interesting!

COMING SOON: The secret meeting that wasn’t…secret!  Conspiring minds want to know!

PS and Attention Spencer…time to choose…you’re with Doo-ane or you’re with the Conservatives…choose wisely!



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