The Tax Liens of Jeff Ward

unclejeffIt seems we’ve struck a nerve with a post made a few weeks back concerning Uncle Jeff Ward’s tax problems. His minions have scoffed at us, claiming the great and powerful statist Uncle Jeff could never stoop as low to have tax problems. Well folks, they say the proof is in the pudding–and it looks like Jeff has a heaping pot full.  Below you’ll find a screenshot of two current tax liens for Uncle Jeff, one in the amount of $2,686.33 and the other for $1,621.07 (Click to make larger).

If memory serves correctly, one of Uncle Jeff’s biggest problems with Phil Hart was he considers him a tax cheat. But now we find out Uncle Jeff has his own problems, but rumor is Stategery’s pot is overflowing with even bigger IRS problems.  Seems the IRS takes little things like Sunshine Reports and money not reported very seriously. This leaves only a few possibilities, either Uncle Jeff hasn’t been truthful in his reporting, or he’s read Phil Hart’s book on the subject. Uncle Jeff, are you secretly one of Phil’s biggest fans?

Thanks to a dedicated berry-squisher for sending us this information. Remember folks as always if you have information you think we should post, send it in and we’ll keep it anonymous.



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