There’s plenty of water folks

An oft repeated lie by the supports of the proposed land use code is they’re protecting the aquifer from running dry.  People fresh here from out of state and even some long time residents nod in agreement, not knowing they’ve been hoodwinked by the Land Use Czars.

Tom Messinger, John Austin, Terry Harris, Tweedle-Green and Tweedle-Tondee claim rural farms and neighborhoods will put a major strain on the water supply.  Their solution…restrict farms to the point they’re forced to shut down from lack of profit (only one cow per five acres–Oh boy!), and have everyone move to the big city in one big ole happy planned master community.  These masters of deception don’t let it be known that relocating people into sprawling urban areas, doesn’t save a drop of water…because the number of residents doesn’t decrease. DUH!!! (sounds like we’ve got some great new Knucklehead contenders!)

In the August 4, 2012 edition of the CDA Press an excellent article by Tom Hassingler (his stock just shot up a notch or three folks!) explains the current status of the aquifer.  The highlighted story is a 1,000 acre farm on  the prairie.   Contrary to the Land Use Czars errant opinion, this large farm doesn’t tap the aquifer to water crops. Normal precipitation is ample enough to keep things growing to the tune of a 3,000 ton annual yield.   The farmer says the aquifer is an insurance policy in the event of a bad year…which he says has NEVER happened in the farms lengthy history.

But to add more water to the bucket, the article goes on to explain there is more than enough water in the aquifer to last for generations…if not forever.  Those interviewed explain that the rest of the US is envious of the clean, abundant seemingly endless water supply of North Idaho.  Hmmm, that’s contrary to what the Land Use Czars say…

In fact, the article states that close to one billion gallons of water flow through the aquifer each day…that’s a lot of water!  If Kootenai County residents were to tap just 30% of the daily capacity that would be enough water to supply 4,335,260 households (not citizens, households!!!) the average indoor water use (69.2 gallons).  Even if we factored in the average outdoor and indoor usage for the country, about 350 gallons together, that’s still enough water for 857,142 households.  Remember folks that’s only at 30% capacity, that’s not a strain.

What’s this mean at the end of the day Martha? North Idaho has plenty of water and could sustain the water needs of a city the size of the Seattle/Tacoma metropolitan area, and would tap less than a third of the daily water flow.

So why all the fuss?  Because the liberal Land Use Czars aren’t interested in protecting the environment… it’s about controlling citizens.  It’s money in the bank, and makes them feel like kings for wielding such power over mere infidels.

Attend one of the upcoming land use workshops, and let your voice be heard.  Tell the Bobbsey Twin duo of Green and Tondee you are drawing a line in the sand and you will not let them destroy your rights. Petition them to send Tom Messinger packing, and that citizens of Kootenai County can handle drafting land use codes just fine.

As always, stay tuned for more news…

Chester the Jester.

Photo Credit: JEROME A. POLLOS CDA Press

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