Tim Herzog…Doo-in it agin!!!!

Our first headline read:  Tim Tips To Team Tondee…

But we though that might not be fair (funny though, huh?) On the other hand, we’re looking at this through the light of Reason and the knowledge that one definition of INSANITY is doing the same thing over and over again and EXPECTING A DIFFERENT RESULT!!!

We’re just sayin Tim….

Or maybe you really do just want to see Todd Tondee elected again?

Conspiring minds want to know Tim…they just want to know!

One Response to Tim Herzog…Doo-in it agin!!!!

  1. Aliceinthelookinglass says:

    I remember that Ol’ Timmy also ran for the Post Falls Highway District, same result.

    Note From Chester: Hey, thanks Alice we forgot about that. Will he ever give up???
    Tim, quit now and you may be able to redeem your reputation!

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