Tiny Tina Hates John Green…

Tina Kush…What…She’s Gonna Do What???…

We don’t know who she is or what she may have been smoking, but she claims she’s running for Sheriff.

Huh? Starting in 2014? You’re a little premature Tiny Tina, big guns or not!

Apparently Tina thinks she’s better qualified than John Green to be Sheriff because she’s…drum roll please…Not a lawyer and not a member of the Republican Liberty Caucus…

One things is for certain, if she really does run, we’ll be in for a laugh riot at the debates between her and Green.

What does Ben Wolfinger think of this….

A picture says a thousand words….(shhhhh, Ben really didn’t say this. Don’t tell anyone.)

Tina for Sheriff? No way! She's too short, she's not a lawyer and she's not a member of RLC...I'm voting for John Green!

Tina for Sheriff? No way! She’s too short, she’s not a lawyer and she’s not a member of RLC…I’m voting for John Green!

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