Tiny Tina…One Funny Gal….


Well, most of us have been to the Kootenai County Fair this week and found…not to our surprise…Tiny Tina for Sheriff has a booth. Even better, she’s giving away free stuff!

Wow, it’s not too late for you. Get on down to the Fair and try to get some of Tina’s Free Stuff!

Why do we say she’s funny you ask???? Well, here’s a few of the jokes she told us…

John Green “cannot legally run for Sheriff because he’s a lawyer”

John Green “doesn’t have an Idaho Drivers License. He really lives in Texas and has a Texas Drivers License”

John Green “is going to withdraw from the Sheriff’s race and endorse me”

Bwwwwaaaaaaaaa Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!!!!

Tina, you be one funny gal!

But seriously, Tina, you’ve been promoting the idea that people don’t need a drivers license to drive, because they have a right to travel? Kind of silly, especially since the courts have shot that crazy idea down for years. By the way Tina, someone told us that your Idaho Drivers License was only issued in 2012 and that you didn’t have a DL from 2008 to 2012, perhaps you would prove them wrong by making public your Idaho license history???? Perhaps???? No? We didn’t think so!

And another thing, Idaho court records show that you are currently being sued by the bank who financed your house…for foreclosure…and you are representing your self….is that why you tell people you are a “Pro Se Lawyer”? If the bank takes your house will you live in that shiny yellow car? Would you be the first homeless Sheriff in Kootenai County History?

You said you would be making public the details with regard to your four “successful businesses”. (We saw on FaceBook that John Green even made you an offer to withdraw if you did.) Well………. We’re still waiting !!!!!!!

So, keep on thinking the people of Kootenai County are Stupid, Stupid, Stupid! That they don’t care that you have no relevant education, experience or training to be Sheriff. That they will vote for you because you scream “2nd Amendment” and “I’m a constitutionalist” in their faces loudly and might we add OBNOXIOUSLY! (Sorry, but Sheriff Ben is way more qualified than you and you know what we think of him.)

You Go Girl! We’re having fun watching your silly show!

P.S. Anyone interested in Tina’s current legal troubles can take a peek at Kootenai County Court Records for Case CV-2013-0006471.

P.S.S. Hey, John Green…why don’t you have a booth at the Fair???

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