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Top Ten Things We Learned From ReCall C’dA 2012 | Chuckle Berries Online

Top Ten Things We Learned From ReCall C’dA 2012

10. Jeff Ward and his group known formerly as the “Reagan Republicans” still lie to gain public favor.  We’re happy they finally admitted they were for the ReCall, but they lied about it until after the primary.  Uncle Jeff even stooped low enough to deny he was at the RECALL CDA kick-off.  Shame, shame Uncle Jeff you were caught with your hand in the cookie jar again.  This make how many times now? (Oh, and need we remind everyone Recall died? Thanks…ever so much Uncle Jeff…you were such a great help to the success of ReCall C’dA…NOT!)

9. DFO (That’s Dave “Free of Shame” Oliveria to you Boy! Or as we like to call him around the CBO press office “DooFo”) has proven yet again he’s not a journalist, but rather a venomous, hate spewing, leftist blogger hiding behind the the dubious credibility of the Spokesman Review.  His best quote from the entire ReCall campaign, aside from the ridiculous hostage crisis, was early on.  He was spewed lots of key strokes belittleing pro-ReCall, and claimed the Cd’A City Council was a “non-partisan” elected body.  (Whaaaahahaha, DooFo…good one!) But within minutes, in the next post he praised Cd’A’s “progressive” government.  For you political newbee’s, progressive is an old buzz-word for a liberal leaning politician.  You can’t have it both ways DooFo; either they’re non-partisan or they’re partisan.  (On a side note, why haven’t the SR put this old horse to pasture?  He’s got to be at least 110 by now! Can DooFo possibly be adding anything to the Cowles family bottom line?)

8. The threat of unemployment or boycott can persuade someone not to sign a petition (or vote contrary to their employer as in the case of the May 15th primary).  Stories abound about employees of anti-ReCall supporting businesses told to oppose the ReCall, “or else”.  Is this not a free country anymore?  Can people not have a choice to support or oppose a recall as they see fit?  The Queen and her minions would find favor with Vlad, Uncle Joe, Maozee, and Papa Pol!

7. The Coeur d’Alene Money Cabal has more useful idiots than previously thought.  These people, while well meaning and usually pleasant to speak to, have been duped into supporting a massive cabal enriching expenditure to convert a park into…well…an expensive park.  The only thing they receive in return is the promise of an over-crowded park, with less green-space (that’s grass and trees), that will burden the citizens of Coeur d’ Alene for generations to come. The cabal used them wisely, and is always accepting applications to become another one of their misguided, but well meaning pawns…is somebody gonna make money on this deal???? Conspiring minds want to know!

6. HBO out-of town bloggers (You know that liberal blog run by DooFo).  Whenever an out-of towner that supported the ReCall weighed in with their support or opinion, they were ridiculed, and walloped…nearly to death… by some the leftie psycho-spazzes that call HBO home.  But in their typical hypocritical manner, these same bloggers praised the support of anti-ReCallers from places as far away as Idaho Falls, Moscow, and even Spokane as if their support was needed. HBO…Hypocritical Bloggers Online!

5. The local Cabal will stop at nothing to protect their unique way of life.  They are not above encouraging their supporters to lie, cheat, forge, defame, threaten, intimidate, or demean their opponents.  Remember they’ve got money to make, and tax-payer’s money to spend!  It’s not an easy job, but hey someone’s gotta be in control, because we all know we’re not capable of thinking for ourselves. (Can we use the Loo now DooFo? Ask the Queen if it’s ok…please?)

4. The Lake City Development Corporation, and their volunteer knee knocker John Austin, waged a slick campaign of disinformation to hoodwink the populace.  What was learned is the coffers at LCDC is always overflowing, and the taxes of the citizens of Kootenai County are never raised a dime…apparently the money grows on trees!  It sounds like LCDC has taken Ben Bernanke’s course on how to make money out of thin air, but on second thought, it’s just another example of their clear as mud transparency.

3.   Mike “The Leprechaun” Kennedy is even mouthier and more annoying than we realized!  He’ll blame the Irish in him, but we know better than that.  Mini-Mike (Mighty’s weenie cousin) has a job to protect, and besides he couldn’t let his Canadian supporters down, don’t you know eh.

2. The Mayor…er Queen, known by her servants as ‘Her Sandiness’ wields an iron fist ready to flatten her opponents, but affectionate enough to coerce city employees to stand with her…or else!!!.  Remember good citizens of Coeur d‘Alene, ignore the elderly lady behind the curtain; I am the great and powerful Sandi, and you will respect my authority!!!

…and drum-roll please…the number one thing We Learned About RECALL CDA 2012

1. While falling short by a hairbreadth (according to King Bennie Y’d he get elected anyway) the recall proved something vital.  The citizens of Kootenai County are waking up to the lies and deception of the current ruling elite in Coeur d’Alene.  No longer are they willing to have their taxes raised to support a group hell-bent to make Coeur d’Alene the next Disneyland styled tourist destination.  They’ve also been alerted to the fact that a small group of self-serving narcissists currently rule the roost, directing city projects to benefit their family and friends at the expense of the hard working citizens. Evidence of this can be seen that more signatures were verified to recall the four horsemen of CDA, than voted them in.  Not just that, but it was overly apparent the cabal were shaking in their boots.  Let the momentum keep building, keep attending city council meetings and let your voice be heard.  Hey C’dA…WAKE UP and don’t forget to SHOW UP in 2013 and vote these leftist clowns out!

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