Unity Day?… [Updated]

Three Little Democrat Buddies out for a brewski…or two…ain’t they cozy!

Mikey, Doo-ane and Danny,  Demo- BFFE!

Speaking of Unity, did you get your tickets to the Unity Bash at Templins tonight?

No…too bad…they’re sold out and we heard it was going to be an interesting day for the gang formerly know as “Reagan Republicans” …Uncle Jeff….you’ve been a naughty boy….you shouldn’t have taken our dare to send out that mailer![Update: Things not looking good for the RR gang. Someone really messed up and its about to break.  Our guess is the that there are going to be some royally torked board members and financial supporters.  We’re so shocked with what we’ve heard we’re finding it hard to believe it’s true.  Next update when we’ve got solid news!]

We wonder if Uncle Jeff will feel much like partying tonight? Stay tuned Chuckle Fans…things getting interesting again. We’ll be reporting after we leave the party…wonder if they’ll guess who we are?

Thanks for the Pic Mr. G…and thank your “source” for us…have they got any more?  We’re planning a Doo-ane photo contest…announcement soon!


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  1. rocketman says:

    Look real close, is that a proxy in Duanes hand?

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