We Have Seen The Morons…And They Be Them!

We’re starting a new feature here at CBO. We’re calling it “They Be Morons!”


Today’s winner is…”WhitePine”, who ever that might be.

“WhitePine” or maybe we should really call him “KnotHead”, wins for posting this gem in response to the C’dA Press “Poll”

“How do you grade the Idaho Legislature’s 2015 session so far?”

KnotHead….errrr….WhitePine, opines, in the comment section of the Press that:

“What we need…more funding for education, living wages, the expansion of Medicaid and repairs to our infrastructure. What we get…NRA license plates, parental rights to deny medical care to their children, fewer gun regulations, affirmation of the right to discriminate against fellow citizens who happen to be gay, embarrassing comments about pills and vaginas and the assurance that the evil Feds won’t protect salamanders.”

Congratulations WhitePine! You’re our first “They Be Morons! award winner!

We’re sure glad you’re too lazy to run for public office!

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