Well The Cat’s Out Of The Bag…The Winner Is…


David Stewart- Cry Baby Award winner of the year!

…and it wasn’t even close! What was the “secret” to his success?????

Well, his recent temper tantrum at the KCBOCC meeting sealed the deal!

You can read the Pravda On The Lake bit here:


Let’s read between the lines…shall we????!!!!

“That was quick.” The first line reads…

Not quick enough, says we!

“Eight months after David Stewart became a Kootenai County commissioner and chairman of the board, he was bumped from being chairman this week after fellow commissioners Dan Green and Marc Eberlein voted to have him removed from the role.”

Anyone who has been to BOCC meetings over the course of the last 8 months knows that Stewart has a knack for turning a 10-minute discussion into a 90-minute meeting! I guess Commish’s Green and Eberlein just got tired of wasting precious county time watching the Stewart Parade for each and every meeting!

We say…What took you guys so long????!!!!

What’s Stewart’s take on the change?

“Stewart read the following statement into the record, “On Sept. 4, 2015, at 10 a.m., the board of county commissioners met in executive session whereas I disclosed to legal counsel what is, in my opinion, unethical and inappropriate activity by Commissioner Eberlein and Commissioner Green.

“It is also my opinion that Commissioner Eberlein’s motion to remove me as chairman of the board of county commissioners is in retaliation of this disclosure. From this day forward, as in the past, I will continue the good fight for open and transparent government.””

Hog Wash! You’re a Grand Stander Extraordinaire Dave! And that was a pretty slinky slimy move to accuse your fellow Commissioners of being unethical by retaliating against you for being confronted with being unethical…In an executive session no less. Shame, shame, shame.! How convenient that they can’t defend themselves by disclosing the information you supposedly confronted them with…since you were in EXECUTIVE SESSION! We’d expect such a move from a died in the wool career politician, but you’re supposed to be a Conservative Patrio….hey, wait a minute have you tricked us???????

Your Hissy Fit took a second low turn when you turned down the Chairman Pro Temp spot…

“Stewart was offered the vice chairman’s seat when he was bumped as chairman, but turned down the proposal.

“With Commissioner Eberlein’s recent change of direction (as to who he supports as chairman), I felt Commissioner Eberlein needed the experience of running meetings,” Stewart said. “When Commissioner Green is away, Commissioner Eberlein will then get the full experience of being a commissioner, making motions and running meetings.””

We say Hog Wash…you decided at that minute to take your toys home. You weren’t playing anymore! Dare we say it again??? Shame, shame, shame!

Sorry Dave, but winning this “Award” is our way of saying we’re done with you! You are not the guy you led us on you were! If you decide to run for re-election, you can bet you’ll be opposed this time!

Now that we’ve started looking closer, we think we’ve found some things you should have disclosed to the voters. We’ll keep you posted as our investigation develops!

Congratulations to Commissioners Eberlien and Green for maintaining a professional standard and exhibiting the nature of true Gentlemen, which we know them to be!

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  1. Socrates Pupil says:

    So Stewart is “demoted” (probably for not doing his job or maybe for all of that campaigning from the Chair – anyone can get the transcripts of the meetings he’s chaired) and claims he’s already hired his own lawyer. Now there are rumors about a “get Eberlein” fund and possible recall campaign – right on the heels of the Stewart de-coronation. Are these events related? Coincidences are . . . rare at best. Is this revenge??? What say you Chester?

    [Note from Chester: Dear Mr. Pupil…the only thing a a lawyer can do for Stewart is hand him a tissue while he goes “Waaaaaaa,Waaaaaaa,Waaaaaaaa!” His “Grand Standing” and campaigning from the Chairmans seat is what did him in. I guess Green and Eberlein finally had enough of Stewart wasting county time and money! Good for them, but they shouldn’t have put him there in the first place! I guess the lawyer rumor was a ruse to cover for the Stewart/Spencer, Marc Eberlien has “Memory Problems” scam. Stupid is as Stupid does, as our good friend Forest’s momma used to say! (Yes we’re talking about you Spencer!) In any event it is our understanding that several people have requested transcripts of the hearings, but none have yet been produced. What’s the hold up Board of Commissioner’ staff????]

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