What Strategery Has Tax Liens Too?

wardlahrAs shocked and dismayed as we were to hear of Uncle Jeff’s tax liens (heavy sarcasm), now comes word that The Stategery Group is in deep water too. Filed on June 12th and July 23rd of this year, to the tune of $2855.67 for this round of liens. Seems little things like withholding tax and workman’s compensation insurance are big things to the state of Idaho.

But according to sources close to Jeff Ward and Ron Lahr, this is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to tax problems they face while at the helm of Strategery.  Sunshine reports anyone?


With problems like this, why would any aspiring political candidate want to fly under the Reagan Republican banner. We’ll be watching to see what else comes down the pike for Strategery.  Will they have to shut the doors? Only time will tell.


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