Whoa! Daily Kos Says Otter Only Up By 3….

Idaho Governor Otter speaks to the media during the second day of the Sun Valley Conference in Sun Valley

Governor Butch Otter, wearing an ever so cute pink shirt!










See The Story Here: http://www.dailykos.com/story/2014/10/15/1336607/-Daily-Kos-Elections-Morning-Digest-PPP-sees-Idaho-Republican-Butch-Otter-up-just-3-in-governor-race

So, if it happens, we mean, if it really happens that Butch doesn’t win, who would we rather have the Real Conservative Bujack or the Liberal Balukoff?

No offense, Mr. Pro LIfe, we think you’d be a much better conservative than Butch, but….. really now, isn’t it time we stopped acting insane? Let’s try something different and expect a different result!

Hey Butch, why the no so at the Magic Valley Debate???? Got something to hide? Stay tuned, we’ll post the debate soon.



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