Wholly Smack Down Batman!…

Pollice_VersoSorry for the delay Chuckleheads! Technical glitch held off this installment….

Now back to our regularly scheduled program!!!!!

…Or…”Stewie Get’s Some Business Schoolin!”

So, where were we? Oh, yes….

David “Stewie” Stewart, the “Business Legend”…in his own mind….picks a fight with Britannia..

well, BP anyway! 

BP bites back…Stewie’s down…the crowd cheers…as we said… and the Emperor????

Poliice Verso! or THUMBS DOWN! …..Yerrrrrrr OUT Stewie!

The court grants BP a Summary Judgement which you can see here: CrashAndBurnStewie

The whole document is a good read, but there is the conclusion from the Judge:

“The Court concludes that the Supply Agreement is final, integrated contract and that the alleged oral agreement between Castrol and PLC is inadmissible and unenforceable under the parol evidence rule. PLC’s remaining two claims, one for breach of the covenant of good faith and fair dealing and the other for intentional interference with business relations, fail as a matter of law. Castor’s motion for summary judgement is GRANTED, and this case is dismissed with prejudice.”

PLC is Stewie. What does it mean? Stewie looses on all counts…he’s down and out!

Note to Stewie: If you’re going to sue on an oral contract, you should remember to mention the written one that took it’s place!

What is the implication of this case in the big picture? Well, it could just have ended as a business dispute. Maybe David Stewart really didn’t do anything so bad, it was just a disagreement between two parties to a contract. However, we’d say, at a minimum, that Stewart showed a lack of  prudence by not consulting a business lawyer before engaging in an important contract with a company as big as BP. But it doesn’t end here……

Hmmmm, is this the kind of prudence he employs when dealing with our county affairs?????

Often, we can guess the contents of a persons character by how they react to adversity….

How did Stewie react to this adversity????? Stay tuned Chuckleheads…..

Coming Soon…Part IV “He Tried To Run, But He Couldn’t Hide!”





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