Will Grigg owes C’dA Police an Apology…

For confusing them with the 2 Moaps posing as (did we say posing…sorry, they really are) KCSO Deputies who appear in this disgraceful video:

Oh, and remember folks they want to build a new jail so geniuses like these can fill it up with poor kids who have the bad sense to like Nickleback music.

Hey Wolfinger…do you really think this was a good utilization of taxpayer resources????

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  1. mrsmimiwhite says:

    Whatever happened to officers that were polite (yes mam, yes sir),calm, and professional? Don’t they realize that they work for us? It seems like over the past 10 years or so they are much more hostile, militaristic, and arrogant. We have had two minor police incidents in our family that were not handled by the police professionally and we are law abiding citizens. It seems like the police are more interested in pulling people over for minor traffic infractions and hassling citizens than in protecting and serving. They are so busy in Spokane hassling average citizens and meeting quotas that they do not respond to stolen property calls anymore (that was printed in the newspaper). I want a sheriff that can handle protecting our rights and that will stanad up to the federal government if need be and one who can train his men to act in a professional manner. I do not feel confident that our current sheriff is that kind of man.

    Did anyone notice the arms on that officer in the video? His shirt was so tight I don’t know how he could even move to pull a gun on a kid. I am publically calling for a drug test on those officers. Wouldn’t it be something if they tested positive for illegal steroids while these two boys have NOTHING illegal in their systems! These officers need to spend a bit less time in the gym and a bit more time in the classroom learning basic manners and communication skills. I was appalled at their language. They looked like they were instigating a fight. I can assure you that this 53 year old lady would have been much less polite to those officers than those two boys were.

  2. adonis says:

    Well, the CDA Police are’t without their own problems right now, what with the needless killing of a family pet.

    What I loved most was Sgt. Cupcake’s response to the incident, which I’ll break down line by line.

    “I have been traveling all day and have not had an opportunity to comment. I just saw some of the posts asking for a comment.”

    Translation: “I can’t be bothered with this silly matter, cops kill dogs all the time. What, at this point, does it even matter?”

    “This is a sad situation and I am sorry for the grief the dog owner is feeling.”

    Not “I’m sad about the dog being killed,” or “I’m sorry for the dog’s owner.” No, “I am sorry for the grief the dog owner is feeling.” She doesn’t have the compassion to feel sorry for the dog’s owner, she’s just unhappy that the dog’s owner is grieving and won’t drop this matter. She expresses zero concern whatsoever for the dog or owner.

    “I have a lot of confidence in Chief Clark and his request for an internal review.”

    Of course she does. She’s employed by them, so not only is it her job to say she has confidence, but I’m sure her vehicle and home are recognized by the local police and so she’s confident her pets (if she has any) would never be subject to the same kind of cruelty.

    “The officer involved is shook up.”

    Translation: “Feel bad for the officer, not the dog!” Undoubtedly the officer is shook up. He allegedly approached a van with his gun drawn and reflexively shot at something he didn’t identify. There could have been a child in the van and with his apparent level of situational awareness, he’s darn lucky it was a “just” a dog he killed.

    “The vitriol in some of the voicemails left at the department has me concerned.”

    Aha! Finally some real concern is expressed. Solidarity, brothers and sisters! For some reason people are unhappy that an officer just executed a family pet. Can’t imagine why.

    “I sincerely hope our community will give the Chief the opportunity to examine this issue.

    Translation: “Can’t we just let this die down a little bit, give people time to forget about it?”

    We cannot comment on any personnel complaints so please understand our limitations on comments.

    Translation: “Srsly, folks, please forget about all this soon. Also, we’re being sued for killing a family pet without any apparent cause so lighten up on us, alright? It was just a dog, amiright?”

    Our department always accepts our accountability and responsibility for our actions.”

    Mm-hmm. Accountability and responsibility. Not a word of either in Sgt. Cupcake’s entire comment.

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