screen-captureSenator Mary Souza…that has a nice ring to it!

So long John…Don’t let the Senate door hit you in the rear on your way out…

….you Obama-Care loving Phoney!

and…Spencer? Gordy? Demipubs? Republicrats? Either way this is gonna be fun!

One Response to YEE-HAW… GOEDDE UP MARY!…

  1. Aliceinthelookinglass says:

    This is great!

    Imagine if Mary had chosen to run as a Democrat per the situation described in this morning’s (3/18) CdA Mess. That would have sure twisted the knickers of the Kootenai County Democrats.

    NOTE FROM CHESTER: Yes, but then she would have had to change parties when elected. Seriously, we think Mary has an excellent chance to beat Goedde.

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