You Can Call Me Ray…Or You Can Call Me RJ…

youcancallmerayAnd other exciting election stuff!

So, we were sitting around enjoying a few IPA’s the other night, debating among ourselves whether we should post on the November election.

We narrowed it to a few races we thought worth talking about and had the following discussion…well, bits and pieces of it anyway…punctuated by lots of good beer…:

President: Trump…then we paused for a moment of silence in remembrance of the good old United States of America…

Senator: Ray Writz…”what, are you serious” said a couple Chester’s in unison…”Well, is Crapo a Conservative?” It was unanimous…Ray Writz…Lord help us, but yes, it was Ray Writz…

Congress: Raul Labrador…of course! There weren’t even any comments or jokes…However, one of us got the death glare when she said…”What about Raul or Russ?” ….She bought the next two rounds….too early to get started there, but it was unanimous…Russ! Russ! Russ! ….stay in Congress Raul! (Sure we’ll post lots on this next year)

We didn’t discuss Vito and Redman…no need…slam-dunk for both!

Sheriff: Everyone said they were writing in John Green….”but he’s not a write in candidate, we’d waste our vote” offered one hold out… Response: Ok, Spanky or Tiny Tina? …Reply: “Good point…John Green for Sheriff!”

(Hey Sheriff Green, we saw your new slogan on FB “In the words of the most interesting Politician in the world….Stay Ignorant, my Friends!” Priceless…Hey Mrs. Green, please let him run again!)

Mary Souza….”What about her?” Could be close, but we’re guessing she’ll pull it off! Go Mary!

“Kathy Sims?” …”What about her?” ….”Writing her in too!”… “What about the new dude?”….”Who? The Paul “I’m only here 5 years and never been a Republican before, but Otter PAC and NoNotnini like me so vote for me” Amador?”… “No thanks! We’re writing in Kathy Sims!” “Yeah, if we’re gonna throw a way our vote, it’s gonna be for a good guy” (Gal!)

“What about the NIC board?”… “There’s only one guy running, Todd Banducci!”, …“No there’s another guy…what’s his name?” “Hey, did you hear what I said? Todd Banducci!” “Ok, yeah, he is the Conservative…who cares what the other guys name is!”

County Commissioner: Bob “9th Grade Education” Bingham, or Russell “Think I got me some college, won’t prove it, but think it” McLaine. Eeny Meeny Miney Mo…McLaine’s got a potty mouth, so on him we vote no! Better not let us down Bingham!

The final decision was on Fillios and McHugh…was unanimous…we’ll all give them both an extra, unnecessary vote!

That’s it folks! We’re going dark until 2017…May God help us all! When it’s President Hillary…we’re toast! (Sorry to say, we think it will be!)

PS. We really shouldn’t close out the year without giving a hearty Atta’ Boy to Commissioner Marc Eberlein! One hard working, intelligent, honest guy, who always looks out for us little peon taxpayers! Thanks for bringing a breath of fresh air to County government Mr. Eberlein!  Here’s to hoping Chris Fillios and Bob Bingham can step up and represent us like you do!

PSS: Farewell Dan Green! We’re disappointed you chose Ben “Career Taxpayer Leech” Wolfinger over Sheriff John Green…Green was certainly the better man!  However, we’re not gonna change our admiration for your commitment to public service. We meant it when we said you were a Class Act! Good luck to you in the future!.

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  1. Idaholiving says:

    Chester, you have a problem with McLain (without the “e”) having a bit of a potty mouth? Well, lately he’s cleaned up his act I am happy to report. Can’t say the same for Bingham, however. He won’t attend candidate forums, apparently he believes a large voting block of voters consisting of Democrats and Independents (46% of Kootenai County voters) don’t deserve the right to hear from him and deserve only to be disenfranchised. Now, isn’t that the kind of childish foolishness we want from our elected officials? I think not. Before you go labeling me a liberal our a progressive, I am not. I am a lifelong constitutional conservative.

    Oh,by the way, still speaking of Bingham. How do you feel about,I mean how do you really feel about endorsing a man who told his wife he wanted to “pee” on her to mark her with his scent so other men would know she belongs to him. Such boorish behavior is not deserving of my vote, nor is it the kind of respect every woman seeks from her husband. I wonder if Bingham’s objective for seeking a BOCC seat is to urinate on the county to mark it as his territory.

    If you want to question this tidbit of Bingham fact, go look it up for yourself on page 16 in the so-called marriage manual the Bingham’s self published. You can locate a copy at the Sower Christian Bookstore. It’s the same book he uses to justify telling voters he owns a publishing company. As for me, I’m not buying what Blowhard Bob is selling. I know you too much about him to be so reckless.

    [Note from Chester: We don’t endorse anyone! Our alter ego’s took an informal poll among us (after having consumed a few good beers) and decided that we’d give Bingham a chance. If what you claim about Bingham’s “marriage advice” is true, well that’s just sick. However, the other guys language is pretty sick most of the time and we’ve heard complaints from men and women on that score. We’re sorry your candidate didn’t win (She won our informal beer poll too) but you better get over it until next election, cause you may hurt your candidate in the mean time. P.S. if you really are a “Constitutional Conservative” you don’t think like Mr. Potty Mouth, so what gives? He openly supported our Constitution ignoring Sheriff and worked against the real Constitutional Sheriff Candidate, John Green.]

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