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Zounds!!!!…Could It Be?… | Chuckle Berries Online

Zounds!!!!…Could It Be?…

eagleeye…Is Steve Widmyer the infamous “Eagle Eye”of Huckleberries On Line?????

One of our own eagle eyed Chuckleheads has been doing a little light reading and after sifting through Eagle Eyes 950 posts they found a number of berries to pick.

Like these:

Two years ago in May of 2011, Eagle Eye said he lived in CDA all his 50 years. Widmyer just turned 53 in September.

Eagle Eye says he owns several properties. Widmyer owns several properties.

Ten years ago Eagle Eye lived at an intersection. So did Widmyer.

Eagle Eye owned an old Toyota Land Cruiser. Widmyer…same.

The clincher appeared in 2010 when a notorious blogger mentioned that they were looking forward to enjoying the food at Eagle Eye’s restaurant for Blogfest. Where was Blogfest that year? Fort Ground Grill, owned by Steve Widmyer. The ‘Troll King’ DooFo modified and then deleted this comment but not before being seen.

Unless you can think of another 53 year old lifetime CDA resident who lived at an intersection, drives a Toyota Land Cruiser, owns several properties in town and has a restaurant called the Fort Ground Grill that hosted Blogfest VI, the conclusion is obvious.

So, what kind of person is Eagle Eye? Check out some of his comments below. Some of his “friends” may be upset.

To see Eagle Eye’s 950 comments click on his name on a comment he has made on a post:



Eagle Eye: Bums Invade E. Sherman

Posted by DFO

May 26, 2011 1:23 p.m.  •  5 comments

Eagle Eye: Making 5 more acres of waterfront park out of an asphalt parking lot is a terrible decision ? Providing equal facilities for the baseball field and the boat launch and creating a park for more people to use is a terrible decision ? Seriously. No the worst move by the city council in my 50 years of being in Coeur d Alene is to allow east Sherman to become a bum invested mess.



Eagle Eye: Let LCDC Fund McEuen Plan

Posted by DFO

Jan. 8, 2011 6:25 a.m.  •  0 comments

Eagle Eye: For anyone that has paid attention, I think it has been pretty well stated that the charge that Team McEuen was given was to design what they felt was the best case scenario for the park. I think they have done that. Just because it is Team McEuen’s best case scenario doesnt mean it is what a majority of the public want, hence the open meetings where people are given a chance to give input. So far, I think the process has been open and informative. I think that public input will steer what will become the final product. As stated, one of the biggest factors for what the park will become is the final cost. I have stated before that it is my opinion that this project is why LCDC was formed. If I were the one calling the shots, I would forecast revenues for LCDC from now until LCDC ends. I would subtract current obligations and get a number. From that number I would commit an amount to totally fund McEuen Park. Any left over funds I would commit to the Ed Corridor. That would conclude LCDC.

Question: What do you think of Eagle Eye’s idea of making McEuen Field the focal point of LCDC funding beyond the urban agency’s current obligations?


Eagle Eye: The old dog has been on the council too long. Its time for some fresh thinking at City Hall.  http://www.spokesman.com/blogs/hbo/2011/sep/24/edinger-love-him-love-him-not/#


eagleeyea year ago

Gookin had his fangs out at the meeting. Boarish would be a good description. He wasn’t all kissy face like he was at the last council meeting. His personality had the tone of his email to Wendy Gabriel. The two faces of Dan Gookin !


eagleeyea year ago

Can you imagine how many levels of bat crazy the Souza gang would have gone to if Kennedy were to utter a cuss word and stomp off ? Maybe Edinger should spend some time and energy working towards on equal or better field rather than just bitching about it.



eagleeyea year ago

The mayor and other council members should file a hostile workplace suit against Gookin for his pompous,trivial rants at last nights meeting. The guy loves to hear himself talk.



eagleeyea year ago

Dino and Knerl,

Lets just say I have read your comments on the other blogs and:

1) DFO is a much more forgiving person than I am

2)  I would not turn my back on either of you.


McEuen Boat-Trailer Compromise

eagleeyea year ago

Let’s have a public vote to see if that is a compliment !

eagleeyea year ago

Myers, let’s just say you have morphed into a Mary Souza clone and I will leave it at that.



eagleeyea year ago


Go read the mission statement for LCDC. LCDC does not JUST correct blight. That is not its total mission. They have corrected blight in Riverstone , Mill River and at the Ed Cooridor . But that is not its total function. Is there anyway you can get that ?

The Park is an investment in our future not just for the selfish short sighted people but for generations to come. Whether you like it or not our main economic tool is tourism. Our main draw for tourism is the lake. McEuen Park will greatly enhance that by creating many more people being able to enjoy that area. I dont know why that is so hard to understand.

And in addition to fueling our main industry we have something for our entire community to enjoy. So we are getting a two for one.

Listen, the park is not exactly the way I want it. I would have rather seen the ball field stay. That didnt happen. But I am not selfish enough to think of just myself. There is probably something in the park that most people disagree with. But as a whole the park will serve many more people than it does today. Tell me what is wrong with that ? And rather than just sit around and bitch about things maybe people should get involved with the baseball field proposal and volunteer to make things better. Look at how much time, energy and money you and your Recall people have spent on this. Just think if that was spent in a productive way trying to create something rather than tearing it down.

Myers, unfortunately you have fallen for the Souza/Culbreth/Orzell scam. This is not about McEuen field for them. Its not about taxes for them. Its about revenge , power, and control. Here is an exercise for you. Take a look at the property taxes that Souza, Culbreth, and Orzell pay on their homes today. Go back say five or six years and see what they were paying then. Tell me how much they have gone up. Then tell me if this is about taxes. Do the same thing for your house and see what they have gone up. I would be willing to wager that for a majority of people it is not more than inflation.

Finally, Myers ask your self this. If this recall is successful, who will be in power and how does their thinking match up to yours? If you answer that honestly, I think you will be worried about the future of this town.


eagleeyea year ago

Knerl, your sense of the truth is a bit warped. Maybe that why you see eye to eye with Souza. And I am not dancing with her. She is your girl. Although you may need to share her with Myers.



eagleeyea year ago

For the life of me I cant understand why people think that good things need to come without a cost. Yes the McEuen Park remodel will cost. But a funding mechanism is now in place where we can pay for this and not see an increase in taxes. This funding mechanism was put in place in 1997 to do exactly this. Combined with a very competitive construction market which will allow the bang for the buck to be much greater, there is not a better time to build a public park that will be enjoyed by thousands for generations.


eagleeye a year ago

Believe me Myers I get it. Your crew lead by Souza and Orzell is making this about money. At least thats what they are selling.To Souza,McCrory and Sims it mostly about revenge. I have heard some of their door to door lies. I just find it rather hypocritical of you to complain about spending money on a park but you dont mind hopping on that free bus. Where is my vote on that bus ?

As far as being an anonymous poster, deal with it. If you dont like the rules dont play the game.

Myers and Knerl have jumped in with both feet with the Souza/Orzell group. You can try to distance yourself all you want but once you have stepped in the sewer its hard to come clean. And you can forget about the group hug. I dont like the smell.



eagleeye2 years ago


LCDC was formed by the creation of an urban renewal district with its purpose to revitalize downtown. You can debate the pros and cons of a URD in a different place because thats not the issue here. The main funding for the McEuen Park renovation is coming from the URD.THE URD is a tool to revitalize downtown and that is exactly what it is doing. To argue that this money should be spent elsewhere is not a valid argument because it can only be spent in the URD. I would be open to listening to any better ideas you may have that would be a better utilization of these funds. Whether you like it or not tourism is a major sector of our economy.Tourism provides jobs for the people that live here. Ask Mary Souza how much her company has made off of tourism. Visitors are coming to Coeur d Alene to see and enjoy the lake. An investment to attract more visitors to our city improves our economy and helps create jobs. I am not sure why that is such a tough thing to grasp.     http://www.spokesman.com/blogs/hbo/2012/apr/07/mary-targets-anti-recall-young-mother/#comment-779980430

eagleeye2 years ago


A point of clarification. The money isnt coming from LCDC. Its coming from the taxpayers.Also they didnt “raise” anything. They collected taxes. The people vote in the council members so I would say the council should have the say on how the park is developed. LCDC is a funding mechanism. Period. Their arrogance is showing a little. And if the executive director of LCDC wasnt so poor at communicating they wouldnt need a communication director. Kind of a joke.

Dudley: McEuen Field Under-Used


eagleeye2 years ago

At this point, I wouldnt do a damn thing at McEuen. We already had the advisory vote on McEuen and it is pretty clear that Coeur d Alene doesnt want anything done there. I am still in favor of the new McEuen Park but I also understand in a democracy the majority rules and I am in the minority on this issue. I would encourage LCDC to take all of its remaining funding and put it into the Ed Cooridor. Maybe help fund some educational buildings that would prime the pump for the build out of that area. It could be that is what is best for the community in the long run.


Reagan Repubs Target Sayler Ad

eagleeye2 years ago

Another brilliant deduction by you, Kage ! Is that as good as you’ve got ? Trying to paint me as a partisan ? I just may vote for Gookin if that makes you feel any better ! The only reservation I would have about voting for Gookin is that it may give me something in common with someone as dim as you !

eagleeye2 years ago

I think Jeff Ward has the hand writing of a 2nd grader. I wonder if his IQ is the same !



Phaedrus: What To Do w/Duane’s $$$


eagleeye2 years ago

I think I would like being Mayor ! All council meetings would be limited to 20 minutes so there would be no time for Kennedys coffee breaks or Edingers smoke breaks ! Thank you , Phaedrus !

Cops, Fire Back Sayler, 2 Incumbents

eagleeye2 years ago

Reagan Repub,

What difference does it make if the deed to the library is in the name of LCDC ?

By the way, Gookin could ask some good questions. Adams ? Flat brain wave. He make Woody look like a Harvard grad .


Reagan Repubs Target School Board


eagleeye2 years ago

What worries me more is that Hamilton does not appear to be a big fan of Physical Education.


Reagan Republicans Will Lunch W/ Luna

eagleeye2 years ago

Looking at the size of that second chin, I dont think Luna has ever been a big PE fan !


Stock Market Closes Below 12,000

eagleeye2 years ago

I was wondering if any HBO economists could tell me if we were to charge a national sales tax of 1 % how much money would that generate


Deanna: Incumbents Expect Fall Fight

eagleeye2 years ago

Making 5 more acres of waterfront park out of an asphalt parking lot is a terrible decision ? Providing equal facilities for the baseball field and the boat launch and creating a park for more people to use is a terrible decision ? Seriously.

No the worst move by the city council in my 50 years of being in Coeur d Alene is to allow east Sherman to become a bum invested mess.


AM Scanner Traffic — 5.5.11

eagleeye2 years ago


I appreciate the response. Its not just a small number of trouble makers. The problem is bigger than that. I give the Fresh Start people credit for doing good work but they are attracting a large number of bad seeds. I am not sure where the best place to locate a homeless shelter/free soup kitchen is but I am certain that it is not in the middle of a business district. Maybe right next to the police station.


Boaters Fight To Keep Launch Open


eagleeye 2 years ago

Gookin, you are right about one thing, I dont like you. The reason is that YOU are the king of B.S. and propoganda. What happened to that 80 million dollar figure you were throwing out?

You dont have a concrete plan to add jobs . You just throw out the decrease taxes line and think jobs are automatically going to follow. I dont think you throw that out because you are dumb because you are a somewhat intelligent guy. I think you throw that out because you are too lazy to come up with a detailed plan.Its easy to to sit on your duff and complain about things.

I dont like taxes or government spending anymore than you do. But I think I understand when some taxes can be spent for the good of us all. I understand that you have a big heartburn over LCDC. But your constant bitching about it is not going to change the fact that it is going to operate for the next 10 years. And if it is going to operate, what a better way to use the money than to create a first class destination park.

Finally, it is a proven fact that if you create more visits from tourists to a tourist town you are going to generate economic activity. The Resort brings thousands of visitors to our town every year. Are you telling me that there is no economic activity from that ? A first class destination park will attract increased visitors which will result in increased economic activity. I dont know why that is so difficult for you to understand.

Its very obvious that you, Souza, McCrory and Sims have a personal vendetta against Bloem, Kennedy, etal. And Dan and Julie Clark are totally self interested. Holding grudges and being hateful is a bad trait. And you guys dont do a very good job of disguising it.

This park has a tremendous upside to not only provide economic activity and jobs but also provide a place for ALL of us to enjoy. As I have said before, if done right this has a chance to provide the most economic impact of any single project since the Resort was built.


eagleeye3 years ago

KC and Suite, I am going to have to disagree with both of you on McEuen Park. It is a tired, old park that needs refurbishing. If this park can me developed into a destination park it will greatly increase visitors to Coeur d Alene which will mean more dollars spent in town which will translate into more jobs and increased sales tax revenue . All of which we desparately need.

And this park will be for tourists as well as locals to enjoy.

We have seen a dramatic drop in tourism due to the economy and because the competition for tourism dollars is so great we need a new attraction. This park plan will replace a ton of blacktop space with usable space for all. As far as a water feature goes, yes the lake is there but most people dont have access to a boat to get out on it. Suite, you are familar with the way Hagadone operates and he always wants whatever project he has to have a “sizzle” item. The floating boardwalk, the floating green, the glass bottom pool in the Hagadone Suite.etc. An awesome water feature would attract people from all over. It would be the sizzle feature of the park. People love water features.


In my opinion this park, if done right, could be the biggest economic addtiion we have had to Coeur d Alene since the Resort was built. I am sorry if there are people who think that the word tourist is a dirty word. I think tourists=jobs and a better way fo life for all of Coeur d Alene. And I am all for it.

5 Q’s w/McEuen Backer Darrell Dlouhy


eagleeye3 years ago

The LCDC was formed to revitalize and bring jobs to downtown Coeur d Alene. Building McEuen Park is exactly what LCDC was intended to do. This park will be built for the enjoyment of generations to come. Let’s not be short sighted and follow the naysayers. Let’s build something for our children and our grandchildren to enjoy long after we are gone. We elect council people to vote on the construction of parks. If you dont like their votes , vote for someone else next time.


eagleeye3 years ago

Gookin, you and Souza hide behind that “we want a vote B.S.” .

to hide your hatred for anyone involved with the city. You and your group cry scandal and fraud but you cant provide even one shred of evidence. Have you been down to the river lately looking to see if anyone has diverted the water ?

Until you can tell me one positive thing you have done for this community in the last 4 years I will continue to call you what you are. A gigantic gas bag who just sits on his duff complaining about people who actually are trying to make a positive influence in this town. Hate and bitterness is a terrible thing. Maybe you and Souza need an intervention.



eagleeye3 years ago

Kage, how about Souzas endless humping of Steve Meyers leg that he is plotting to develop Ed Cooridor property commercially ? She doesnt have one shred of factual evidence to back up that claim. You see Steve and his wife Judy donated 1 million dollars to the college and Mary just cant grasp the thought that maybe people donate money for the good of others and not for personal gain.


eagleeye3 years ago

I love Chris Matthews !


Note from Chester:  Wow, what a “classy” guy….NOT!