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DooFo and His award winning blog

In case you missed this great image a few months back, Chuckle Berries has just procured a better quality image for your enjoyment.  Click on the image to enlarge.  Have a great weekend.


Top Ten Things We Learned From ReCall C’dA 2012

10. Jeff Ward and his group known formerly as the “Reagan Republicans” still lie to gain public favor.  We’re happy they finally admitted they were for the ReCall, but they lied about it until after the primary.  Uncle Jeff even stooped low enough to deny he was at the RECALL CDA kick-off.  Shame, shame Uncle Jeff you were caught with your hand in the cookie jar again.  This make how many times now? (Oh, and need we remind everyone Recall died? Thanks…ever so much Uncle Jeff…you were such a great help to the success of ReCall C’dA…NOT!)

We’re Sad…

…the ReCall died and they just quit…so BEN YSURSA wins again!

RINO’s fiddle while Idaho bleeds…Congress fiddles while America burns…

When will Conservatives finally have had enough and depose the pretenders in Boise? In Congress?

Oh, by the way, thanks a lot Uncle Jeff…you support…they lose!

Good stuff coming…stay tuned!

Yes, We’re Still Here…

…we’re just taking a bit of a rest while we reorganize the site!

Check back soon as we have an exciting future planned!

Yur Pal,


Marvin Lekstrum – RIP…

…Marv was a Gentleman and a Scholar, literally, and we will miss him!