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Clarification!!!!! Who is the Big Fugazi????

We”ve had lots of requests from NRA members to clarify who the Big Fugazi is.

Yes, we believe Brad Corkhill is a Big Fugzazi too, but that’s not who we were referring to.

Who is The Big Fugazi?

The NRA aka “National Rifle Association”

Why is the NRA a Big Fugazi?

Stay Tuned…..

Rainbow Is Not A Race! Or a Right…









Congratulations (NOT) To The Kootenai County Task Force on Human Relations on their 2014 Gay-la!  20 years of serving up Faux -HATE!

They claim to battle hate, but what’s the reality?


It appears to us that they hate people of religion. It appears to us that they hate people who don’t buy into their perverted notion of “Love”. It appears to us that they don’t even like people of color. If they did, why are they not working to bring people of color into our community?


Claiming to champion civil rights in one of the whitest counties and states in the nation is hardly an act of bravery.  It’s laughable that they call them selves a “Human Rights” organization.  Did you see the pictures form their “Gala”?  It was a mutual admiration society fete!  A bunch of well off white people slapping each other on the back for being…well, not Black!

The Big Fugazi…


(Fugazi mens Fake!)


The Business of Inmate Housing – A Capitalist Dream…

…This from an out of state news source to the west:

“Idaho County Looks At Leasing Private Jail”


Hey, squeeze in, we got rent to pay, right Ben?

That “Idaho County” would be us folks!  Why are we hearing about this from sources other than the C’dA Press first????

Full Story Here: and here:

But the real question is...What have the Board of Commissioners and Ben Wolfinger been smoking?????

We’re Not Huge Joseph Farah Fans, but…

First of all, let me begin by making an apology to Cliven Bundy.

In a slapdash column yesterday, I gave the New York Times more credit and credibility than it deserved.