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Green Says No To Tiny For Sheriff…Er…Make That Tina…

machineguntinaIn a Facebook post Republican Sheriff’s Candidate John Green left no room for doubt that he DOES NOT support or endorse Tina “Machine Gun” Kunishige for Sheriff in the November 2016 General Election.

He gives supporting points and sound reasoning for his position, but we’re sure he left something out…No doubt he  wants to maintain his credibility! 

I don’t think we’ll be posting much on the Sheriff’s race, unless Ben quits or Tina says something really silly (very likely) it just won’t be news worthy.

Even if Wyatt Earp was running as a Democrat for Sheriff, he wouldn’t stand a chance of winning against a Republican in Kootenai County!

The sad part is that there are some kooky “Patriots” that are actually going to waste their time pursing the looney idea that she could win!


Bob Nonini…A Mason’s Best Friend…


Bob and his boy Luke…is this weird?

Well, some of them anyway…

Bob and Cathyann Nonini were very vocal about their fight against Don Cheatham because….well…he is, after all, a Free Mason! (It’s just a club to Don, we discovered!)

But they had no trouble supporting Ben Wolfinger, who is a Free Mason, against Catholic John Green! (Great Catholic example Mr. & Mrs. Nonini…NOT!)

Don Cheatham won…Thank goodness! Ben Wolfinger won…Lord help us!

Conservatives are already talking about how to help Bob Nonini join Stewie in the ranks of the Former Politician Hypocrites Club!

A big THANK YOU to:

Kathy Sims

John Green

Art Macomber

All three of these solid conservatives lost due directly to the help Bob Nonini gave to their opponents! Let’s never forget that fact!

The Good News…

Stewie’s Toast!

Doo-ane and Fred Who…down in flames

Ann Seddon put the final nail in the Nonini plan…Bu-By Riggs! Glad we know ya not!

The Bad News…

DooFo won’t be moving to Spokanistan!

Breaking!!! Stewie Speaks…Or Is It Spews?


We interrupt this Dark Out to bring you this breaking story….

David Stewie Stewart, remember him? The guy endorsed by more gas stations than Ronald Reagan!

What does a candidate like Stewie, with a seemingly thoroughly discredited moral record, do when confronted with the truth?????

He plays the “New York” card!

In other words, “You ain’t from around here boy!” in the best good ole’ boy fashion!

Poor Stewie…apparently born with a great big foot in his mouth!…

Looks more and more like it will be Commissioner Fillios in January!

That’s our opinion and we’re sticking to it!!!!

Prayers for all Conservative Candidates! 

Now Back to Dark!

Going Dark…Better Start Praying!!!!

We’ll be off until Wednesday, May 18th!

There are a lot of important races, but we’ll be praying hardest for these 3 great folks!

You want more Liberty and Less Government? Get your Butt to out to Vote May 17th!


Kathleen Sims – State Representative


John Green – Candidate for Sheriff

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Don Cheatham – State Representative

The Fat Lady Sings…Part 37.5


For Stewie, that is!

Double click image to see full size…

Don’t think he’s gonna like this…

Ouch…that hurts! … but sometimes the truth does that!

Buh By…Stewie!