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Low Voter Turn Out?

betsyrussellEvery once in awhile the team at Chuckle Berries put on our bio-hazard suits and trudge through the putrid swamp known as Huckleberries Online. Guarded by a grumpy old troll that goes by the moniker D.F.O… that’s Dumb Freaking Oaf to you pilgrim…or DooFo as we like to call it.  Along the way we chat with fellow conservatives that monitor the swamp’s decay rate, and check to make sure their suits are up to par (Shoshone, Summer, Jennifer, Right Girl, stay strong).

In our last trip into the swamp we noticed the lost souls held under DooFo’s spell chanting the mantra, “Low Voter Turn Out. Low Voter Turn Out.” By DooFo’s side was his comrade Bet-Spray Russell, with her sharp Lillith like tongue leading their legion of radical oppressors into a frothing fury, loud enough to be heard across the state.

Well folks, it’s time to simmer down for a moment and analyze what this mysterious message might mean. Absolutely nothing. While DooFo and Bet-Spray keep screaming the same foul thing, they don’t know what it means. They think low voter turn out is responsible for their good ole boy forces of Sauron taking a big hit in Kootenai County. Let’s take a looksy.

On May 20, 2014 the voter turn out for Kootenai County was 21.72% of registered voters for a grand total of 14,962 casting a vote. In the 2012 Primary a total of 14,811 people cast a vote, for a total of 21.22% of registered voters.

Nice try DooFo, low voter turn out wasn’t the key. A half percent more voters turned out at the polls this time. And still the Shire was saved from your dark forces.

That’s not enough you say? You’d like to have had Kootenai County match the 25% turn out seen in all of Idaho? Okie-dokie, lets look at that. Let’s pretend voter turn out was 3.28% higher what would that mean? To make it slanted to DooFo’s side, let’s further pretend the entire new 3.28% voted for his favored candidates.  Well the truth be told, it wouldn’t have changed a thing. The closest race his side lost was for County Treasurer by a margin of 4.44%. Even if 10% more voters turned out and voted for their candidates , most of the good guys would have still won.

Nice try DooFo and Bet-Spray. Now let’s dive into the ancient scrolls of Huckleberry Swamp.  First we had to distract Doo-ane, and look for the old rotten stump guarded by Thom George to see if they shed any more light on the subject.

The day after the 2012 Primary DooFo felt like a king. He spent the next week gloating how reasonably minded people voted our good friend Phil Hart out, and defeated John Green, Don Gary, Marc Eberlein, and Larry Spencer. In fact he had this to say for his hump-day wildcard on May 16, 2012:  “Can’t stop smiling today. Kootenai County & North Idaho haven’t consumed the Kool-aid that would veer this great region into political chaos. In fact, there are signs all around that local Republicans are turning away from Far Right excess…” DooFo May 16, 2012 Link.

Y’see, the problem isn’t low voter turn out. When his side wins, it’s because the voters were well informed. Well DooFo, the voters in Kootenai County have grown tired of your good ole boy network and bull-butter. An increased voter turn out overwhelmingly voted to rid the land of the ghouls he calls friends.

Before signing off look over this post he made May 18, 2012 when he pontificated that the Tea Party was over in Kootenai County. LINK


Chester the very happy Jester

2014 Primary Results

2012 Primary Results

2010 Primary Results



Is DooFo now the Facebook police?

246834_226060084086158_6922385_nIn typical his groveling liberal manner DooFo…you know the blogger and not journalist…has locked his talons into another unsuspecting victim. Instead of giving an attaboy to any of the victors in yesterday’s election, he poured over Facebook looking for someone out of line. Today’s victim was James McMillan our fellow conservative friend from Shoshone County. Well DooFo, lick the drool off your scoured lips and pay attention you ungracious old goat!

If you’ll rewind the clock back to the 2012 primary election there was a bit of turmoil in precinct 16 of Kootenai County. Seems as though Ed Morse’s wife voted via absentee ballot and on election day at the ballot box…and she thought we weren’t looking. Thankfully the elections department was saavy enough to catch the second vote and throw it out (How did she get a second ballot in the first place?  We’d love to know.)

Well the point of this recap is DooFo was made aware of the situation in 2012 at least twice, and again in 2014 according to our sources. Every time he deleted the comments on his blog and let it be known the action’s of Ed’s wife don’t reflect negatively on his campaign. Yet today, the same driveling DooFo skewered James and is now claiming it will negatively taint Shannon McMillan’s tenure as state rep.

How can this be DooFo? How can a possible criminal offense not harm a state rep’s reputation, but a silly venting Facebook post does? Sounds like the ramblings of crazed sore loser…can someone check DooFo’s diaper and please quit giving him prunes.

James, job well done in winning your election! The team at Chuckleberries gives a hat tip to both you and your mother.



A Big Win for Kootenai County

The citizens of Kootenai County won big last night, almost sweeping the entire slate of stale moderates. Congratulations to:


Marc Eberlein- Sends Tondee home, and Herzog to his umpteenth next election with 53.74% of the vote.

Dave Stewart- Won with 100% of the vote.

Jim Brannon- A resounding win with 64.46%  of voters approving him.

Steve Matheson- Wins a squeaker with 50.08%.

Mike McDowell- Our favorite from the previous slate with 85.01%.



Steve Vick- Unopposed, and still elected.

Vito Barbieri- District 2 voters approve with  67.19%.

Eric Redman- Sends Ed ‘More Jobs’ Morse packing his bags with 55.60% of the vote.

Bob Nonini- The race DooFo said was Whalens’ apparently wasn’t. Nonini with 64.70%.

Ron Mendive- Congrats with 65.89% of the vote.

Don Cheatham- Tells Jeff Ward to pound sand with 39.89%.

Mary Souza- Wins out over Big Money Goedde with 52.69%

Kathy Sims- Voters say no to Democrat Rick Currie. Sims with 61.71%.

Congrats to Toby Shindelbeck for coming within 180 votes of sending Luke “Potty Mouth” Malek packing.

More updates later-




Kootenai County Reagan Republican Endorsements


Just sent to us by the real Kootenai County Reagan Republicans. Keep up the great work guys!

Chester the Jester


More Insult to Injury


Well folks here you have it, yet another insult to the fine citizens of Coeur d’Alene…as if things couldn’t get worse. After approving the controversial anti-gay bias, much to the chagrin of the citizens, and on top of building Little Disneyland…err I mean McRuin Park, they’ve added the icing on the cake.  No it’s not a life size yard gnome that looks like Mike Kennedy, it’s a grand entrance entitled ‘Under the Rainbow’. Now citizens will have a constant reminder of how the rainbow cult was forced upon this once fine town. This is no mere coincidence.

Our only question, is this where the gay pride parade the City Council desires is to start or finish?  Maybe Mike Kennedy can wear a rainbow colored unicorn outfit on opening day…it’d be a disgusting, yet fitting touch. No Mike that’s not an open invitation, put the outfit back in the closet…

Folks it’s high time for a conservative, fiscally responsible city council and mayor in town…and them candidates from liberal Balance North Idaho and Reagan ‘Tax Lien’ Republicans ain’t gonna do.

Chester ‘Utterly Disgusted’ The Jester