, Mother Jones and Matt Roetter Love The 17th Amendment…

screen-capture-1…As do the Huffington Post, the ACLU, the SPLC and all those other bastions of liberal vomitus…but real Conservatives know that the 17th Amendment is the bane of States Rights.

Give us a break!  How much more nonsense is the Republican Party Central Committee going to put up with from Roetter and his ilk?

We propose a new resolution…Matt Roetter (and Doo-ane for that matter) should be banned from all future Central Committee meetings unless they are wearing Duck Tape on their mouths! (In true Democratic spirit, all those in favor say “aye”! What do you mean we don’t live in a Democracy you Conservative Wing Nuts!!!??? Roetter, educate these Troglodytes won’t you!)

America is burning and Matt Roetter likes to fiddle…

Betrayal of the Conservative Cause…none do it better than you Matt!


PS: Dear Central Committee Members, for more information and another point of view see:


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